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Just like our headquarters in sunny Miami, Florida, our team is a melting pot of culture, creativity and passion, comprising 25+ years of collective working experience. The team at M clique exudes marketing professionalism and passion in all of its form from events and technology to creativity and design.

The M Clique team is focused on creating marketing solutions to increase sales, generate leads and drive traffic to your business website. Crucial to our success has been the forging of a team with some of the most effective, experienced, creative, professionals, providing our clientele a distinctive extension of their business marketing team.

In a time with infinite choices, chose an agency that has your best interest at heart. A group of individuals that care about your brand and the evolution of ever changing technology. 

I signed up with M CLIQUE MARKETING hoping to improve my business website, however I left with vastly more.
— Floridian International Adjustors:
The marketing clique has providing both of my companies superior SEO services, and my business website was on the first page in less than 60 days!
— Claudia Borges CEO, New Life
Dominique had a considerable amount of responsibilities, and she handled them effortlessly. Due to her dedication and attention to detail, our company saw an increase in sales during this period.
— Boxycharm
Since she started a few months ago, Dominique jumped right in and has been so great to work with. Whenever there is an issue that arises (and in my experience with my events there have not been many) she calmly says she will take care of it and follows through with it.
— Florida Blue